Reportage : Milano  Pride 2024

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Saluti e Baci is a fictional travel agency  that addresses socio-environmental issues through illustrated postcards. Flipping the concept of the classic travel images, which seeks to capture the best of places, Saluti e Baci aims to highlight situations of harmful human interference and extreme natural events.

Museo del Sogno  aims to investigate the visual imagery of dreams, creating dialogue, meeting and contact between its visitors.

Le Stanze Segrete are dedicated to the creation of visual performances.

Enter the Rooms 

Book: A very special collaboration with Shakespeare and Company Paris, this double-sided Tunnel Book depicts both the Main Bookshop and upstairs Reading Library.

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Drawings of  Clouds collected along my way from Turin to Istanbul are associated with sounds such as traffic jam, people talking, seagulls, recorded in the very place where that one cloud was spotted, connecting, in a way, the up and the down, the earth and the sky. Listen 

Reportage: Elena Pignata show

Delle città come dei sogni (Of cities like dreams ) is an interdisciplinary installation which, through a hybrid path between drawing and installation, intends to reinterpret one of the key themes of Italo Calvino's production.

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Istruzioni per l’uso
Installation and dance performance based on Julio Cortázar, "Instrucciones para llorar", en Historias de cronopios y de famas. Coreography and dance: Elena Kofinà. Essen.

dance dance or we are lost

Tunnel books, also known as peepshow or peephole.

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Le Metamorfosi di Ovidio: characters blinded by love, anger or ambition, protagonists of tragic events and epic deeds; heroes transformed into stars, animals that become stones and gods that become incarnate.

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Dream Circus Project is an itinerant relational art project which aims to investigate the visual imagery of night dreams, creating dialogue, meeting and contact between its visitors. 

The project aims to translate the dream world into a graphic sign, to make it a traveling circus of dreams based on meeting and exchange, from city to city and acting as a real relational device.

Museo del Sogno 

Reportage: Apolide Fest

Senza  famiglia. Theatre affiche

T.I.G.R.O. (Things I Get Rid Of ) is an ongoing project about decluttering.
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Based on the  stories of deported people into the nazi concentration camps in World War II, the book  “Di ferite stelle” (Of  Wounded Stars) is based on the concept of absence.
People, depicted in everyday moments, leave a trace of their presence that becomes an absence once it has been dug into the paper. Thus every shadow is transformed into a void that is both a mirror and a container for all other absences. The choice to use laser cutting and therefore to burn the paper is a reference to the burning of books on one side and the crematoria on the other.

DFRG Press, London 2018
Poetry: Laura Anfuso

Shortlisted MCBA prize

Taiji Forms: shapes of a martial art. A project for Taiji-To.

Diario, chronicles from my window.

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