Daniele Catalli is a multidisciplinary artist researcher whose practice embraces a wide range of media, including drawing, installation, publishing, video, relational and public art, wall painting, and performance.

Since 2011, he has been making small-scale installations that foster creativity and community engagement, giving me experience dealing with both artists and the audience.

His research is based on the most intimate human emotions and the invisible threads that connect people, the influences of the environment on these emotions, digging into memory and history and the most immediate and instinctive emotions. He is also interested in the relationship between context and meaning.

In 2020 he was awarded the Plural Tale Award of the CRT Foundation for Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin.

He’s co-founder of Le Stanze Segrete di S., a company that works on the relationship between performance and drawing. The Secret Rooms are part of the Crossing the Sea network.

Daniele is a lecturer at Istituto Europeo di Design.
His books have been acquired by private and public collections including The Oslo National Academy of the Arts Library, Swarthmore College Lafayette College, Salon fur Kunst Buch Wien, Internationale Jugendbibliothek München, The State Library of New South Wales.

His first children's book "La Bataille des Grenouilles et des Souris" published by Amaterra Editions, won the "ALBUMS JEUNESSE - 2018 Award at the Nuit du Livre in Paris.

In 2022 he was awarded for the best illustrated book at the International Geography Festival of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges.

Daniele is currently working on new installations and books projects .


Shakespeare and Company Tunnel Book ( A portrait of a Bookstore), Shakespeare and Co. Paris /Torino 2024

, text by Mary Shelley, 24ore Cultura, Milano 2024

Orgoglio e Pregiudizio
, text by Jane Austen, 24ore Cultura, Milano 2024  

text by Dante Alighieri, 24ore Cultura, Milano 2023

Romeo e Giulietta,
text by W. Shakespeare, 24ore Cultura, Milano 2023

Le Metamorfosi di Ovidio, text by Alice Patrioli,  L’Ippocampo Edizioni, Milano 2023

Hokusai e il Fujisan,
text by Eva Bensard, L’Ippocampo, Milano 2023

Senza Testa,
texts by Lucio Villani, Red Star Press, Roma 2022

Hokusai et le Fujisan
, text by Eva Bensard, Editions Amaterra, Lyon 2022 

Alexandre, Editions Amaterra, Lyon 2022

Yvain, Editions Amaterra, Lyon 2021

Orphée, Editions Amaterra, Lyon 2019

La Battaglia delle Rane e dei Topi, Ippocampo Edizioni 2018

Elektre, Editions Amaterra, Lyon 2018

La Bataille des Grenouilles et des Souris, 48 pages, Editions Amaterra, Lyon 2017

AA.VV. Skistory, 300 pages, Bellavite Editore, Como 2009


Benjamin W., A Christmas Angel, Archivio Tipografico 2020

Romeo and Juliet, Dfrg Press, London 2019

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dfrg Press, London 2019

Di Ferite Stelle, 35 haiku by laura Anfuso, Dfrg Press, London 2019

La Balada de Caperucita by F. G. Lorca, ed. of 3 Cagliari 2016

La Balada de Caperucita by F. G. Lorca, ed. of 1, unique, Cagliari 2016

Through the woods, DFRG Press London 2015

100 drawings, DFRG Press 2015 London

Del Lavoro e della Morte, silkscreen on cardboard, Print About Me, Torino, april 2014

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, edition of 400, Torino 2014

Attraverso il bosco, wood, edition of 1, Torino 2013

Attraverso il bosco, paper and lasercut, edition of 30, Torino 2013

Catalli D., Villani L., 24 Senza Testa, Print About Me, Torino 2013

Ombre Giapponesi, 36 pages, MonkeystudioEdizioni, Roma 2002

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Daniela Bonerba