Daniele Catalli is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice embraces a wide range of media, including drawing, installation, publishing, animation and performance.

Often drawing inspiration from the classical world and Greek and Latin traditions, his research delves into the invisible threads that connect people, exploring the influences of the environment on emotions, and unearthing memories and history alongside the most immediate and instinctive feelings.

Daniele is the founder of Museo del Sogno, born out of the desire to broaden the scope of experimentation on the theme of nocturnal dreams.  

Daniele has authored 31 books, from children books to artist’s books and collectors editions.

His books books have been exposed worldwide and acquired by private and public collections including The Oslo National Academy of the Arts Library, Swarthmore College Lafayette College, Salon fur Kunst Buch Wien, Internationale Jugendbibliothek München, State Library NSW, Museo del Libro e della Scuola  di Torino.

Apart from that, he runs Ex Libris Club, a side project focused on creating custom book covers and personalized ex libris.

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Discover Città Sospese, an Telegram epistolary exchange from city to city, created by Daniele Catalli & Federico Mastrogiovanni.

A very special collaboration with Shakespeare and Company Paris, this double-sided Tunnel Book depicts both the Main Bookshop and upstairs Reading Library 

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