mixed media on scrap paper, 2017-ongoing
life of things

T.I.G.R.O. (Things I Get Rid Of ) is a project about decluttering and surplus of stuff we accumulate.

It is also a reflection on that compulsive behavior driving us to photograph and post what we own as a status of what we are. However, T.I.G.R.O. goes the opposite direction, representing  objects that are no longer part of my life. Almost imitating a ritual to capture the thing’s soul, every object I no longer need is first immortalized in a drawing and then thrown away, handed down or sold.

The drawing as a medium acts as a filter and interpretation, freezing an ideal view of the object itself as we remember it and not how it really was.


Daniele Catalli is multidisciplinary artist whose practice embraces a wide range of media, including drawing, installation, publishing, animation and performance.