Senza testa


Senza Testa. Breve storia della decapitazione in rime e disegni (Headless. A brief history of beheading in rhymes and drawings) deals with the death penalty by beheading, one of the most symbolic of capital punishments, through the stories of 25 historical executed. Each of these characters is portrayed from the rhymes of Lucio Villani and the duotone drawings by Daniele Catalli. By superimposing the red filter attached to the book, with a very quick gesture the head disappears and the protagonist is beheaded, as quickly as at the time the sentence was carried out.

Red Star Press, Roma 2022
Text: Lucio Villani

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Daniele Catalli is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice embraces a wide range of media, including drawing, installation, publishing, animation and performance.