Daniele Catalli is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice embraces a wide range of media, including drawing, installation, publishing and performance.
With the project Le Stanze Segrete he was the recipient of Crossing The Sea 2020 promoted by MiBACT, Marche Teatro – Inteatro Festival , Anghiari Dance Hub, Armunia – Festival Inequilibrio, Fondazione I Teatr, Mosaico Danza – Interplay Festival, Oriente Occidente Festival, Triennale Milano Teatro.


SALUTI E BACI I is a mail art - graphic journalism action addressing social-environmental issues and news in the form of a postcard you can send.

The act of sending a postcard is a way of communicating to the recipient that he/she is important to us and that it was in our thoughts during pleasant moments.

Those who received it know that on the other hand an "effort" and a commitment had been made.

Postcards are fun: can be kept, stored, hung on the wall, used as bookmarks.

The project aims to reflect on the speed of news nowadays and the potential of postcards as a physical communicating object.

They are memory (a past event), celebration (a social victory or improvement), warning (send your postcard to a negationist!) or a request (send it as a petition to your petty politicians).

Proceeds will be donated to institutions dealing with socio- environmental issues.


Sometimes it happens to know someone, without ever having met him/her before, face uncovered.

I am always amazed how much the face under the mask turns out to be very different from what I had imagined also because the human brain tends to complete faces, despite having few elements available.

Now, suppose that each person we meet imagines us differently. As a result, in addition to our real face we have others, equally real, that exist only in the heads of people who have 1000 faces that exist only in the heads of other people and so on.

# 1000newfaces