SALUTI E BACI I is a mail art - graphic journalism action addressing social-environmental issues and news in the form of a postcard you can send.

The act of sending a postcard is a way of communicating to the recipient that he/she is important to us and that it was in our thoughts during pleasant moments.

Those who received it know that on the other hand an "effort" and a commitment had been made.

Postcards are fun: can be kept, stored, hung on the wall, used as bookmarks.

The project aims to reflect on the speed of news nowadays and the potential of postcards as a physical communicating object.

They are memory (a past event), celebration (a social victory or improvement), warning (send your postcard to a negationist!) or a request (send it as a petition to your petty politicians).

Proceeds will be donated to institutions dealing with socio- environmental issues.